Posts From April, 2017

CoolSculpting Is So Chill

If you think about it with food, it makes sense — fat becomes a solid and freezes at a higher temperature than tissue. Think about those Thanksgiving leftovers. You may eat your turkey sandwich cold, but if you do you surely cut off the congealed fatty areas first. That’s the idea behind CoolSculpting®. It was […]

  • Posted on: Apr 30 2017
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Bat Wings are for Night Flyers, Not You

In Las Vegas, we have no shortage of warm days that call for a sleeveless blouse or dress. But as we get older our upper arms areas aren’t on board with this fashion choice. The skin and muscle on the underside of the arms when we lift and move our arms can swing and flap. […]

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2017
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