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The Herte Center is Reopening – Monday, May 11th!

To all the Patients and Friends of the Herte Center:

Because we have always felt like a family, concern about the well-being of our Practice Family is always our focus. And during this COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis, worry about your health and safety and the health and safety of our community has been foremost in our minds.

We chose to close our doors following the “Stay at home order” on March 20, 2020 to do our part to minimize the spread of this deadly virus. And to protect our staff, and you, our Practice Family.

We have missed you all very much. The Herte Center Team has missed functioning as a team and being able to work with all of you. Nevada has done a great job at “staying home”.

We are now seeing that our community medical facilities are prepared and staffed, that the medical utilization is such that all of the hospitals now have the confidence to allow elective surgery. And free standing surgical centers are re-opening for elective surgery. Many as early as May 4th (today!).

In view of this vote of confidence in the ability of the medical system to support any new spike of cases occasioned by the loosening of restrictions on commerce and movement, we have decided to re-open the Herte Center under strict protocols of social distancing and high level sanitation to minimize any risk of exposure.

We too, plan on opening our Practice in well defined Phases and with a slow and methodical expansion to accommodate the special needs of our patient population.

We are currently in the “Pre-opening Phase” during which we have been working out the details of Virtual Consultations and currently scheduling those appointments beginning Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

In addition, during this “Pre-opening Phase”, we are honing our safety protocols and working on ways to minimize paper handling and the number of ”touch points” required during your office visit.

Phase One of our opening will begin May 11 with scheduling of elective surgical cases of low risk patients. In addition, we will resume scheduling of aesthetic injectables for both Dr. Herte and Hollie. We will continue to see post operative patients for follow up and the occasional consult when virtual visits and consultation are not appropriate..

Phase Two will begin May 18 with simplified Skin Care Treatments.

Phases One and Two will focus on healthy younger surgical patients and keep the flow of patients into the office slower and volume controlled to respect social distancing and time for the level of sanitizing we have determined will support the safest practice environment.

Phase Three will increase our practice flow and allow our slightly higher risk patient population access to the surgical schedule. This phase will be determined by the progress of the community toward normalization.

Unfortunately, I do not expect full recovery to our pre-COVID patient protocols for some time and we will continue to be flexible and loosen our restrictions as quickly as we can.

Some of the new protocols that will be “new normal” will be:

All patients will be screened with a series of questions about symptoms, fever and travel before entry into the office. All patients will have their temperature taken before being allowed entry.

No patients with fever, positive COVID 19 diagnosis, undiagnosed symptoms, or close associates who are ill will be allowed to enter or have treatment at the Herte Center.

These precautions are designed to enhance your safety and allow us to continue to provide your Aesthetic Services during this difficult time.

We are excited to resume our Practice and meet the daily challenges thrown at us by this Pandemic Crisis…

And we are delighted to welcome you back to the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery!

Dr. H