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Another volumizing injectable filler now available for correction of loss of facial volume and deep folds and wrinkles, Perlane® is part of the Restylane® family of fillers. It makes a great companion to Restylane®. As with other fillers, Dr. Herte recommends the use of Perlane® for those problems and areas where its special qualities can give the very best results for each individual patient.

Perlane® is a clear gel made up of Hyaluronic Acid (a naturally occurring substance found in our skin), and is approved by the FDA for filling deep folds and wrinkles. While this FDA approved use is the most common, Perlane® can achieve excellent improvements when used “off-label” in other areas.

Because Perlane® has a larger particle size and can produce better “loft” or fullness in the tissue, Dr. Herte uses this extra structural lift for deeper folds (marionette and naso-labial), and for creating fullness in the cheeks and other areas of the face.

Benefits include rapid recovery, less bruising and swelling than Radiesse®, ability to adjust your correction with a readily available dissolving enzyme and use of a very small needle for injection.

Depending on the activity of the area corrected, Perlane® can last 6-9 months and with regular touch up injections to maintain your correction, you may find that some of your Perlane® is still in place for a year or longer.

If you are interested in additional information on Perlane®, or to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Mary Herte, please contact our Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Practice today, and speak to our well-informed informed staff. We look forward to speaking with you!

For Your Safety:

Dr. Herte uses only genuine brand name aesthetic injectables, FDA approved for use in the United States, and purchased directly through the manufacturer.

The Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery adheres to the strict Nevada Department of Health safety guidelines for single use vials and safe injection practice. For your safety, Dr. Herte does not allow vial sharing: each “single use” vial is used only for a single patient treatment.

FDA approved injectables may be used on a case by case basis for treatment for conditions that have not been approved during the FDA approval process. Dr. Herte may recommend such “off-label” treatment to a specific patient based on evaluation of the individual situation but discussion of such treatment should not be considered promotion of off-label procedures.

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