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Customized Skin Care Treatment In Las Vegas

Beautiful skin is the key to a youthful, fresh and healthy appearance. At the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Las Vegas, we believe that everyone should have beautiful skin. To work toward that goal, we have offered a medical skin care program for over 20 years. Beauty by Prescription Skin Care has developed into a sophisticated and integrated approach to skin care. We feature the best selection of medical skin care products, coupled with in-office facials. Our facial treatments incorporate medical level and aesthetic botanical peels with a variety of skin-stimulating and exfoliating treatment modalities, including dermaplaning and micro-dermabrasion, to achieve the greatest result from each treatment.

Working hand in hand with Dr. Mary Herte, our experienced and medically trained aesthetician customizes your skin care treatment program specifically for your skin. Our primary goal is enhancing the health and beauty of your skin with consistent and continued improvement in the quality of your skin. As a non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation, each treatment builds on the last for a stepwise and cumulative skin improvement with visible and immediate results. Personalized, gentle skincare is customized at each treatment to the condition of your skin. Our treatments are based on achieving clear, glowing, beautiful skin, without creating irritation. We achieve this by combining multiple gentle treatments to multiply the results without distressing your skin.

Sophisticated and customized medical skin care can not only enhance your skin’s health and appearance, but also contribute to improving and preserving your results from surgical facial rejuvenation.

Our Beauty by Prescription Skin Care Program provides superior skin rejuvenation facials, supported by Dr. Herte’s longtime commitment to excellent skin care, and the experience and special expertise of our aesthetician. Its success lies in providing high-quality skin care products and treatments that are gentle, effective and personalized.

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If you are interested in more information about our skin care program or to schedule a skin evaluation and medical facial treatment, we welcome you to contact our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery practice today.