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What Is DiamondGlow?

DiamondGlow is a dermabrasion treatment that uses a diamond tip handpiece to resurface the skin. Formerly known as Silkpeel® Dermalinfusion, this treatment works by first exfoliating the skin, then extracting any oil and debris, and finally delivering SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums to improve skin health. The innovative process can revitalize skin and create a youthful glow by addressing a variety of concerns, such as dryness, fine lines, acne, and uneven texture.

Similar to our other skin care treatments at the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery, DiamondGlow is a highly effective procedure that has proven results our patients love. As a non-invasive option, DiamondGlow is a relatively quick treatment with minimal discomfort and no downtime needed once you leave our office.

What Are the Benefits of DiamondGlow?

The DiamondGlow treatment offers a variety of benefits, and while every patient may respond differently to the process, you can look forward to the following:

  • Highly customizable treatment
  • Safe for all skin types and tones
  • Virtually painless treatment process>
  • No downtime needed after
  • Skin improvement after one treatment

During a one-on-one consultation at our office, one of our skin care professionals will determine if DiamondGlow is the ideal treatment for your needs, or if another option like ResurFX® laser resurfacing is more appropriate.

What Does the DiamondGlow Treatment Involve?

The DiamondGlow process involves three actions performed at the same time. The recessed diamond tip wand will first exfoliate your skin as it is guided over the treatment area, buffing away dull skin cells to reveal younger, healthier skin underneath. The ideal diamond tip is selected for this process to ensure the best results for your unique skin concerns. As your skin is being exfoliated, the device will also extract impurities from your pores, such as oil and debris, allowing the custom-selected serum to easily be absorbed into the skin.

The DiamondGlow wand finishes the process by infusing the skin with nourishing serums. These professional-grade serums are free of sulfates and sulfites, parabens, and added fragrance. You and your skin care professional will choose the most appropriate formula for your specific needs, helping you maximize your benefits from the DiamondGlow treatment.

The whole process typically takes about 30 minutes to complete, though your total time may vary based on the areas being treated. After your treatment, you should be able to resume your normal routine, not needing any downtime to recover. You will be able to wear makeup immediately after treatment, if desired, but it is important to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from sun damage.

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How Long Does DiamondGlow Last?

You can expect to see healthier, smoother skin soon after your DiamondGlow treatment, but these results are considered temporary since your skin cells will continue to turn over. The improvement achieved from your DiamondGlow treatment may start to fade by four weeks, which is why regular treatments are often recommended.

In addition, to get the most noticeable improvement in your skin concerns, you should schedule a series of DiamondGlow treatments. In general, patients can get the best results by undergoing one to two treatments monthly. Our team can help you find the ideal number of treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

How Much Does DiamondGlow Cost?

The cost of your DiamondGlow procedure will be determined at your initial consultation based on the details of your treatment plan, but on average, the procedure tends to cost about $150-$300. Keep in mind this will vary based on a number of factors.