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For most men, and for many women, who seek consultation for facial rejuvenation surgery, it is the loose and hanging neck that bothers them the most. Under-chin fat pads, loose hanging neck skin and muscle bands symbolize the aging process and are a daily reminder of passing time. Necklift specifically targets this area to achieve a firmer neck and jawline contour, giving you a fresher and less worn appearance with that youthful edge. Dr. Mary C. Herte often performs necklift at our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery center. Necklift can be combined with other procedures, such as eyelid lift, facelift or mini-facelift for a more overall rejuvenation of your appearance.

Neck lift Las Vegas

Necklift Options

Dr. Herte believes that a defined and firm neckline is an essential part of the refreshed and youthful look that most facial rejuvenation patients are seeking. When considering correction for loose skin, she determines the factors contributing to your loose neck appearance, and offers an approach that fits your lifestyle and needs. Surgical necklift is the most reliable and effective treatment for neck laxity and loss of definition. Different surgical approaches are possible depending on whether significant muscle laxity is contributing to your problem. Necklift is a modification of the facelift procedure, limiting incisions to those necessary to get the proper lift for neck improvement while adding access directly to the most troublesome area under the chin. While everyone seeking correction for a loose and sagging neck can see the need for pulling up and tightening the neck skin, the importance of deeper muscle looseness is less obvious. Repositioning and support of the loose neck muscles is essential in achieving a long lasting defined neckline.

Necklift Consultation

When assessing if necklift is your best treatment option, your best course of action is to meet with Dr. Herte for a private and in-depth consultation. She will show you the issues that need to be addressed for best correction of your neck looseness and give you an idea of the kind of results you can expect with your surgery. Dr. Herte will discuss with you your expectations and aesthetic goals and help you sort through the complexities of facial rejuvenation options available to help you find the best personalized plan to fit your unique goals and lifestyle issues.

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At the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery, our helpful and well-informed staff can answer all of your questions about necklift surgery. Contact our Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon today to request more information about necklift surgery or to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Mary Herte.

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