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Las Vegas – Breast Reduction for a More Carefree Lifestyle

If you are a woman who is unhappy with her overly large and heavy breasts, you are likely familiar with the neck, back and shoulder pain that usually accompanies this problem. Uncomfortable and overly large breasts can also undermine your self confidence and interfere with everyday activities and your ability to exercise effectively. At the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Las Vegas, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mary C. Herte performs breast reduction surgery to make breasts smaller, more uplifted and more proportionate to the body.

A Matter of Health and Beauty

Breast reduction surgery goes beyond the cosmetic. This procedure can be life changing– relieving breast, back and neck pain and the uncomfortable feelings of self-consciousness from constantly trying to camouflage your overly large breasts. You may be able to wear more fashionable clothing styles that you would never have considered before breast reduction surgery. And you may be able to participate in sports and other activities that were impossible to enjoy with large, cumbersome breasts. Join our many breast reduction patients who agree that breast reduction provides not only cosmetic physical enhancement but also life enrichment.

Breast Reduction – Common Concerns

The benefits of breast reduction are well appreciated by women who have undergone this surgery. However, some women may put off breast reduction surgery because they are worried about reduced nipple sensation or the inability to breast feed. While these side effects are certainly possible, the breast reduction techniques used by Dr. Mary Herte at our Las Vegas plastic surgery center have been developed to help preserve nipple sensation and breast function. Her surgical approach also includes techniques that focus on achieving the best natural breast shape, with meticulous incision closure for faster healing and to minimize scars. Working from a woman’s viewpoint, Dr. Herte also makes sure to incorporate breast lift techniques to ensure a more youthful uplifted shape in addition to a smaller more proportionate size.

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Breast reduction surgery can open up a new life for you, with a newly active lifestyle unburdened by the physical pain and emotional distress that having extremely large breasts can cause. Contact our plastic surgery center in Las Vegas today to learn more about breast reduction from our well-informed and caring staff or to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Herte.

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