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Refinement Through Blepharoplasty Surgery

Heavy hooded upper eyelids and drooping and baggy lower eyelids can give you a tired, worn or even distressed appearance despite a full night’s sleep and a happy attitude. Other people may begin to misjudge your feelings or motives. Even seeing that heaviness in the mirror can make you feel just as tired and worn as you look! Your eyes are the most noticed feature on your face and their appearance reflects your emotions, health and wellness. Eyelid Lift or Blepharoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure that can refresh your eye area and give you a more rested and alert look. Dr. Mary C. Herte can help you look younger and fresher through her surgical expertise and experience in eyelid surgery at our Las Vegas, Nevada, plastic surgery center.

An Individualized Approach To Eyelid Surgery

At the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery, your eyelid rejuvenation is tailored to the specific conditions contributing to your tired look. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is the most commonly requested eyelid surgery. Dr. Herte customizes your blepharoplasty to include simple removal of upper eyelid skin through an incision hidden in the natural eyelid fold, removal of excess bulging fat pads around the eye or even removal of overly developed and bunching muscle. Consideration of your style of upper eyelid folding is also important. Since excess skin needed to make sure your eye closes properly must be “stored” when your eye is open, all of the “extra” skin you see cannot be removed without causing serious eye health problems. The way that your eyelids fold can be adjusted to hide the excess, by helping them fold like a garage door, rather than folding in plain sight like an accordion. A special anchor blepharoplasty can adjust this problem during surgery to create a cleaner and more sculpted upper lid. Frequently, the upper lid skin bunches and hoods the eye because of falling heavy brow skin (eyebrows sitting below the level of the brow bone) and simply re-positioning the eyebrow into a more aesthetic position can refine the eyelid shape and appearance without actual surgery on the eyelid.

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Lower Eyelid Lift Procedure

Lower lid refinement with blepharoplasty can take the form of lifting and removal of excess sagging skin, tightening of excess muscle bunching and removal of excess fat pouches. When excess skin or muscle needs to be addressed, the incision is made just under the lash line (hidden in the shadow of the lashes right where eyeliner might go). When only fat pads need to be removed, an incision inside the eyelid is all that is needed to correct the problem without any external incision. Sagging lower lid rims with dry or tearing eyes can also be addressed with support procedures to bring the lower lid back into normal position against the eye for better eye function and comfort. A combination of eyelid bags and eyelid hollows may require both removal of excess fat pouches as well as filling in of the under eye hollows to create the most rested and aesthetic result.

Why Choose Dr. Herte

Dr. Herte has a large experience in eyelid lift surgery and values the importance of preserving your eye health and function as well as achieving your best aesthetic result. Her goal is to get you looking fresh and rested again.

Ethnic Eyelid Lift Surgery

Dr. Herte knows that many patients are worried that eyelid surgery will erase those special ethnic features that make them unique. For many patients of Asian descent the extra upper eye fold can be preserved while still freshening and opening the eye. But when this fold needs to be reduced, Dr. Herte can create a more deep-set and sculpted appearance to the upper lid.

If you have a full upper lid, Dr. Herte can adjust your upper eyelid surgery technique to avoid making you look hollow and overdone.

Dr. Herte is very attentive to the nuances of the eye area and will discuss with you not only what you do not like about your eyes but also what features you want to preserve. Her goal is to preserve your essence, simply enhancing you to your personal best.

Learn More About Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) At Our Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Center

Both men and women can benefit from the boost of self-confidence that a fresher and more alert appearance can give. To request more information about eyelid surgery or schedule a consultation with Dr. Herte at our Las Vegas practice, contact the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery today.