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Mini-facelift is one of our most requested facial rejuvenation procedures. An excellent approach for mild facial aging with skin laxity, mini-facelift can be a great refresher. This more limited approach to face lifting involves shorter incisions, a less invasive procedure and faster recovery time. Las Vegas plastic surgeon, Dr. Mary C. Herte takes pride in a meticulous, careful approach to mini-facelift to give you the best results for your lifestyle and unique concerns.

Minimally Invasive Approach To Facial Rejuvenation


Because mini-facelift involves a less extensive surgical procedure with shorter incisions, your procedure takes less time, and the swelling and bruising that accompanies any surgical procedure less extensive. That translates into a faster return to your normal activities. This less-involved approach makes your appearance fresher without such a noticeable change that others are aware that you have “had something done”. The primary improvement that mini-facelift can accomplish for you is tightening and lifting of the cheek and jawline skin, with reduction of the skin “overhang” at the fold from nose to mouth (naso-labial fold). Mini-face lift is also a great option if you have already had a more extensive facelift and the deeper tissues have already been re-positioned, but you need a little skin tightening to refresh your appearance and maintain your results.


Despite the fact that most patients want the least invasive procedure possible, and are very anxious to avoid an un-natural or “overdone” look, the limits of mini-facelift should be considered carefully. If you are primarily concerned about neck laxity and loss of jawline definition, mini-facelift is a poor surgical choice, since any minimal improvement in the neck area is only a side effect of the cheek enhancement achieved and mini-facelift does not actually address the neck area. Consideration of a more classical facelift with direct neck tightening is a better approach when your neck is a main concern. Dr. Herte focuses on achieving a natural refreshed look with every type of facelift that she performs. Because the direction of your lift is limited by the location and length of the incisions used to perform your facelift, repeated mini-facelifts, or trying to use a mini-facelift to get a maxi-result, can result in an un-natural pull across the mouth or bunching of skin behind the ears or at the earlobe. Doing “less” can sometimes make you look less natural! If deep tissue sagging needs to be corrected and only a mini-facelift is performed, the skin must hold up and re-position the deep tissues resulting in too much strain on the skin and early relapse. This can significantly reduce how long your facelift will last. So, in these cases, the added investment of a more extensive facelift may be well worth the improved results.

Enhance Your Mini-Facelift Result

The addition of other minimally invasive or surgical procedures can make the most of your mini-facelift. Dr. Herte will evaluate your individual concerns and recommend a personalized plan to maximize the freshening effects of your mini-facelift. The addition of browlift or blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) for freshening of the eye area, or fat grafting (or fillers) for facial volume or to fill lines may be an excellent choice to significantly enhance your final result. Treatment of your skin texture with medical skin care, laser resurfacing or chemical peel may also be recommended to give you more youthful and fresh looking skin for a greater overall improvement.

Facelift Options At Our Las Vegas Plastic Surgery Center

At the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves on providing each patient with all of the information needed to understand and address your facial aging changes. To request more information about mini-facelift or other facial rejuvenation procedures, to discuss your questions with our knowledgeable staff or to schedule an in-depth consultation with Dr. Mary Herte, contact our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery center today.