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If you are traveling from out of town or would simply prefer the convenience of a virtual doctor appointment, our board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Mary Herte, is happy to meet with you during a virtual consultation. Similar to an in-person consultation, these virtual meetings will involve getting to know you and listening to your aesthetic concerns and goals. Some patients may wish to submit photos of their area of concern before their virtual consultation. After your appointment, you may be able to move right to scheduling your surgical procedure or in-office treatment program. An in-person consultation may be needed for clarification, based on your individual situation.

Our Aesthetic Specialist, Hollie Tyler, APRN, is also available for virtual consults for aesthetic injectables, CoolSculpting®, laser resurfacing, and PRP injections.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual consultations have become the safest option for our patients and staff. If you are interested in a certain procedure or would like to learn about the best solution for your needs, please contact our team to schedule your virtual consultation.

How Do Virtual Consultations Work?

To ensure the best possible experience for your virtual consultation, our team utilizes the video communication resource known as Doxy.me. This is a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine system that is encrypted for your privacy and security. To help you understand what to expect during your virtual consultation, the step-by-step process is outlined below.

Step 1: Schedule Your Virtual Consultation

To schedule a virtual appointment, call us at (702) 732-9600, or visit our contact page to request a virtual consultation by filling out our contact form. You will be assigned your own Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) who will help you find a time that works best for your schedule. A $100 scheduling fee will be collected to secure your appointment. Please note the fee is non-refundable. However, you may reschedule your consult with a 72 business hours’ notice without penalty. The fee will be applied towards your surgery should you decide to book a procedure.

Step 2: New Patient Paperwork (Complete 2 Days Before Appointment)

Patient paperwork is sent to your email via signNow. Please complete a minimum of 2 business days prior to your appointment. Complete your forms on a computer and not a smartphone for ease of use. We will receive a confirmation email when your forms are completed.

Step 3: Consultation Photos (Email 2 Days Before Appointment)

Digital photos can be taken with a camera or phone and sent in by attaching them to an email a minimum of 2 days prior to your appointment. Emails can be sent directly to your assigned patient care coordinator. If you are submitting digital photos via email, some image files can be large and may require you to send each photo in a separate email.

Taking Good Photos For Your Virtual Consult

Facial Consult Photo Instructions

  1. Photos should include the entire head and neck, including collar bones (from top/crown of head to just below the collar bones).
  2. Facial features should be relaxed. No smiling or frowning—just a relaxed, natural position.
  3. Keep your jawline in a relaxed, natural position; do not try to push the jaw out or “pose” as this will only obscure your natural jawline. Be as relaxed as possible for the best photo outcome.
  4. Keep the camera angle straight forward. Do not angle down or up as this will also create an unnatural position/view of the facial features.
  5. A total of 4 images/views are needed of the facial features: 1 full front view, 1 quarter turn view, 1 side full view, and 1 view with your head tilted slightly downward from front.

Breast Consult Photo Instructions

  1. Photos should be taken from just below the chin (with shoulders visible) to just above the belly button.
  2. Hands and arms should not be raised as this lifts the breasts to an unnatural position. Hands can rest on your hips with elbows bent naturally to the sides or rest naturally straight back.
  3. Be as relaxed as possible for the best photo outcome.
  4. Keep the camera angle straight forward. Do not angle down or up as this will also create an unnatural position/view of the breasts.
  5. You will need to take your photos without any garments on. No bras or shirts.
  6. A total of 5 images/views are needed: 1 front view, a quarter turn to each side, and 2 full side views of the breasts.

Body Contouring Consult Photo Instructions

  1. Photos should be taken from just below your shoulders to your feet. The whole torso area should be visible with no undergarments obscuring the area to be examined.
  2. Hands and arms should not be raised as this lifts the abdomen to an unnatural position. Do not “suck in” the abdomen as this also creates an unnatural position. Inhale and exhale out to completely relax your abdomen.
  3. You will need to take your photos without any garments on, except for a bra or a thong.
  4. A total of 5 images/views are needed: 1 full front view, 1 quarter turn from full front view, 1 side view, 1 full back view, and 1 quarter turn from full back view.

Step 4: Join The Video Call

Before your scheduled call, make sure you are using a device with camera and microphone capabilities, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Once you click the link that was sent to you, you will be prompted to enter your name in a check-in box before you are added to the virtual waiting room. You may need to allow your Internet browser to access your camera and microphone. When we are ready to begin your consultation appointment, we will initiate the start of your Doxy.me video call. For further assistance with how to check into your call, click on the instructions below that correspond with the Internet browser you will be using.

Step 5: The Consultation Process

Once you have been connected with our office for your consultation appointment, you will be able to communicate directly with Dr. Herte (or Hollie or Dalin) through the HD video and audio, as well as the available online chat feature. Based on your discussion, as well as examination of your photos and images, you will receive our recommendations for surgery and/or other treatment options to help you achieve your desired results. Since virtual appointments clearly have limitations, you may need an in-person examination to clarify the most appropriate solution for your needs.

After you have completed your consultation, your Patient Care Coordinator will review your recommended treatment plan with you and help you to schedule any needed procedures or follow-up appointments.

Confidentiality Of Medical Information And Photos

Any and all medical information and photos you share with the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery remain confidential and become part of your medical record. We respect your privacy and would like you to know that all of our employees continually undergo training to remain up-to-date and compliant with government rules and regulations regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), with particular emphasis on the “Privacy Rules.” We strive to achieve the very highest standards of ethics and integrity in performing services for all our patients, including our virtual consultations.


If you have any questions about filling out the paperwork or sending photos, please call (702) 732-9600. We look forward to helping you look your best!