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Over the years, repeated facial expressions of frowning, squinting and smiling pull your eyebrows down over and over, until they begin to sag. Creases form between your eyebrows and the heavy brow skin pushes your eyelid skin lower, creating a heavy and hooded appearance. Comments from others about how tired or even angry you look can be disconcerting and lead to feelings of being misunderstood. When your brows sit too low, brow lift is the only surgical procedure that can reposition them and relieve your fatigued look and heavy upper lids, often without the need for upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty). Dr. Mary C. Herte performs brow lift surgery at our Las Vegas plastic surgery center. Brow lift can also be combined with eyelid lift, face lift or neck lift when a more refreshed overall appearance is desired.

Brow Lift Consultation

Most often brow lift is discussed as part of an eyelid lift or facial rejuvenation consultation, prompted by seeing a tired face in the mirror every day. Proper brow position is critical for beautiful eyes but its importance is frequently unappreciated. Most people automatically raise their eyebrows when they look in a mirror so brow position can be difficult to evaluate yourself at home. Photographs can, however, be very revealing. Dr. Herte will help you understand the factors that contribute to your appearance concern and make sure your questions are fully answered. Because you have unique features and aesthetic goals, her recommendations for you will be personalized for your best result.

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Artful Approach To Facial Rejuvenation

It requires an artistic eye and surgical skill to create the balance needed for natural facial rejuvenation results. Subtle changes in brow position can be dramatic in refreshing the appearance of your eyes. Many women avoid brow lift because of fears of overly raised brows or a surprised look. Dr. Herte values a natural appearance and approaches brow position changes very cautiously, controlling brow shape along its entire length for a more natural and soft enhancement. She is also concerned about retaining or even enhancing your hairline and avoiding limitations in your hairstyle choices. At our fully accredited, private surgical suite in Las Vegas, Dr. Herte uses various brow lift techniques to achieve your best facial balance and most natural result.

Interested In Brow Lift Surgery In Las Vegas?

At the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery, our helpful and well-informed staff can help you answer all of your questions about brow lift surgery. Contact our Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon today to request more information about brow lift or to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Mary Herte.