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Overusing Dermal Fillers

The popularity of dermal fillers is based in their immediate results and little to no downtime. Like Botox, filler injections are known as lunchtime procedures because you can have your session at lunch and return to work immediately afterwards.

Dermal fillers help improve the overall appearance of the face by filling in volume-deficient areas such as under-eye hollows, sunken cheeks, and thinning lips. Numerous dermal fillers are available with each filler addressing a specific cosmetic problem. But like anything, there can be too much of a good thing, and overuse of fillers is common. Proof is in the daily parade of celebrities who suddenly appear on the scene looking “overdone.”

Avoiding overuse of dermal fillers

A combination of research and discipline can help prevent the overuse of fillers. Below are steps you can take:


Sure, dermal fillers can do wonders to your face; however, there’s a limit. Fillers are meant to enhance your facial features rather than create new characteristics. During your personal consultation with Dr. Herte you need to honestly discuss your expectations and goals.


Any health care professional can inject dermal fillers but inexperience leads to injections into the wrong places creating odd and even dangerous outcomes. Your injector needs to have extensive knowledge in facial anatomy and the appropriate injection points. Dr. Herte has been declared an Expert Injector by American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


The secret to natural-looking results with dermal fillers is moderation. When it comes to fillers, having more doesn’t necessarily translate to better-looking results. It’s all about maintaining balance. There will come a time, with aging, when surgery is the only intervention that will give you your desired results.

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