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Professional and Experienced Staff

When you choose the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery as your resource for cosmetic plastic surgery information, services and procedures, our facility comes with a professional team of educated and caring professionals who work together to provide the most individualized and highest quality service for every patient, every day.

We pride ourselves on retaining experienced staff members who know our practice and are well informed about cosmetic plastic surgery. You will find them welcoming and warm as well as helpful and highly competent. Together the staff represents many, many years of experience and knowledge that can benefit you in terms of proper preparation for, and rapid recovery from, your surgical or non-surgical procedures. The combination of their experience and support with the refinement and expertise of Dr. Herte’s surgical skills make for the great results you expect from Dr. Herte’s meticulous care.

The Herte Center Embodies a Culture of Safety

Our facility is safety oriented, with the convenience and privacy of a totally contained and fully equipped surgical center on site. Our office and surgery center are fully accredited by the AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities), as well as Nevada State Licensed (and inspected). These certifications indicate that our facility has in place all necessary safety equipment, protocols and procedures for infection prevention and control as well as surgical safety. Regular inspections and updates of protocols insure that the most current state and national safety concerns are promptly addressed. Our certification and safety programs are an indication of our mission to create a culture of safety for all of our patients, whether for a simple injection or a major surgical procedure.

Your Comfort is Our Focus

Because our facility has been designed to create a comfortable environment, our surgical suite is decorated in warm colors and even our pre-op area calms with our Greek Island mural and comfy recliner. Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mary C. Herte, and each of our staff members provide the small touches of gentle care that distinguish our practice and we work very hard to minimize any uncomfortable moments in the treatment or surgical process: ranging from our liberal use of topical anesthetic cream, as well as local anesthetic for starting IV’s to a cozy warm blanket waiting in the operating room.

Even when consulting with Dr. Herte in the clinic portion of our center, comfortable “easy chairs” ensure a relaxed and unhurried discussion. A bright and open reception area welcomes you. And many people say that our beverage center brews the best (Starbucks) coffee!

Visit us to Experience the Special Qualities of Our Las Vegas Plastic Surgery Center

We welcome you to visit the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery, meet Dr. Herte and our wonderful staff … and you will experience the warmth and caring of the people and the environment that exemplifies the quality of the Herte Center.

Stop by for a visit or contact our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery center today to schedule a personal appointment to consult with Dr. Herte.

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