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Don’t Forget Your Neck

People often fixate on their faces when they consider possible ways to combat the march of time. They see their crow’s feet and the lines on their foreheads, the smile lines and sagging cheeks. And they’ll opt to have a brow lift, a mid-face lift, possibly some filler injections.

But they forget about what’s happening under their chin and on their neck.

A neck lift with Dr. Herte can address the banding and loose skin that is characteristic of aging necks.

What are the benefits of a neck lift?

Dr. Herte can tighten up your neck, improve the contour under your chin, and turn the clock back just a bit. Here’s what a neck lift procedure can do for you:

Different techniques

The most common technique involves making incisions around the bottom of the ears, extending into the hairline. The skin and muscle tissue are then lifted upward and outward in the neck and lower cheeks. Excess skin is removed.

A simpler technique that Dr. Herte uses for the very elderly or those who have the premature coarseness of their neck skin is to remove the excess skin and fat without repositioning it. This method leaves a vertical scar down the center of the neck.

Patients with more excess fat, but good skin tone, usually have a double chin (think Jobba the Hut). In these cases, Dr. Herte can use liposuction or CoolSculpting alone. This results in nearly invisible mini scars or no scars at all!

What’s important is to address looseness in the deeper muscles. As necessary, Dr. Herte will reposition and support the loose neck muscles to improve the neckline for lasting results. Neck banding can be repaired by removing the muscle bands or repositioning them.

Interested in regaining some youth in the neck? Call Dr. Herte at 702-732-9600 for a consultation.