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Beauty and Attractiveness Enhance Hiring Likelihood

It is fascinating to see all of the studies that show that personal attractiveness is a positive factor for job-seekers. The more attractive the job candidate, the more positive attributes he or she is thought to have. This is particularly timely in today’s tough economic environment, where every edge is important in competing against a large group of job candidates for the same job. The practice of choosing cosmetic surgery to enhance appearance has become a surprisingly common technique to enhance your chances of landing that prime job.

While no one is saying that looks are the only criteria that companies are considering in hiring practices, a fresh and attractive appearance will give a certain edge in candidate comparisons. Physical attractiveness has always been of particular value in our Las Vegas work environment. In our practice, we are certainly seeing many patients, men and women, week this “beauty premium” with consideration of cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures during their job hunt.

Some people plastic surgery procedures for improving competitiveness with younger-looking candidates include: Eyelid Lift (for a more alert and refreshed look and Facelift or Necklift (to reduce the appearance of wear ad shave years off your visible age). In addition to cosmetic surgery, effective nonsurgical cosmetic procedures include Botox to reduce frowning (decreasing the appearance of worry or irritation) or fillers to soften lines (to give a softer, more approachable look).

When the goal of your plastic surgery consultation is enhanced competitiveness and a youthful freshness, the goal can be achieved with a focused cosmetic consultation and the selection of plastic surgery procedures specifically designed to address your personal concerns and enhanced your overall look. Natural and fresh is a winning combination for anyone, but especially for today’s job-seekers.

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Dr. Mary C. Herte is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is Medical Director of the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery.