A Tummy Tuck After Childbirth?

  • Posted on: Jul 3 2015
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Following child birth, many women quickly remember their pre-birth flat tight abs and long for those days! Is it possible for a tummy tuck to be performed shortly after childbirth?

A few women are lucky enough to maintain their svelte figure following childbirth. For the majority, a post-baby body can mean loose, sagging skin; weakened abdominal muscles; and unsightly stretch marks. Unfortunately, these undesirable body changes are necessary as the body needs to gain weight to nourish and carry the baby, and overly stretched abdominal skin and muscle is a byproduct of the expanding uterus.

At Dr. Herte’s practice, we discuss the following important points with women who are thinking about a tummy tuck after childbirth:

  • It is best to wait at least six months after childbirth to have a tummy tuck. This will give your body time to settle back to its pre-pregnant state. It takes six weeks for the uterus alone to completely shrink back to its normal size.
  • You also need to be sure you are finished having any more children. Another pregnancy will likely cause the abdominal muscles to re-separate, negating the muscle-tightening effects of a tummy tuck.
  • You need to lose the weight gained during pregnancy before considering a tummy tuck. Usually, we recommend a woman be at a stable weight (near her ideal weight) for at least six months before having a body-contouring procedure. After all, tummy tucks are not weight loss procedures.
  • Breastfeeding and tummy tucks don’t go together. Breastfeeding is extremely difficult after a tummy tuck procedure due to the incisions. There is also the possibility that pain medications may pass through your breast milk to your baby. A serious no-no.

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss a timetable for a tummy tuck after childbirth. Call 702.732.9600 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Herte to discuss a tummy tuck after childbirth.

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