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You’ve Lost the Weight, Now Lose the Sag

Losing weight is hard work. Losing a dramatic amount of weight requires serious life changes, whether you do it on your own or through bariatric surgery.

But once you’ve done the hard work and are a shadow of your former self, what’s with all the hanging loose skin across your body? You have a new contour, but your skin didn’t get the memo. After all the serious life changes involved in losing the weight, this loose skin can be very depressing.

But body lift surgery with Dr. Herte can remove the sagging skin and give you the slimmer contour you seek. Body lift surgery, also known as body contouring, involves a series of possible procedures performed to correct areas that need attention. The end result is a firmer more contoured overall appearance.

The problem areas

Dramatic weight loss tends to leave hanging loose skin. This is because if skin is stretched for too long it loses some of its elastic properties. You can compare it to how a rubber band that has been stretched for a period of time can’t return to its former degree of tautness. The same is true of the properties of your skin.

Plus, when your skin has been severely stretched and is now unsupported by the expanded tissues and fat you had when you were heavy, it will sag in pockets. These are the most common areas with the most dramatic sagging:

Four surgeries

Every body lift patient is unique. During your consultation with Dr. Herte, together you will discuss your goals and the areas you feel need contouring. These are the procedures that Dr. Herte may recommend:


There will be swelling and scarring. You won’t be able to strain or lift anything for several days to weeks. If your abdomen or thighs have been addressed you may have to avoid standing fully upright for a few days to avoid stressing the internal sutures.

This may sound overwhelming, but the end result is what you have to remember. The prospect of having a firmer, contoured body that matches your new smaller size is the goal!

If you’ve lost the weight, but now want to lose the sagging, call Dr. Herte and let’s discuss what body lift procedures may be right for you, 702-732-9600.