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Breastfeeding Left You With Sagging Breasts?

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy and following childbirth. The roller coaster ride of hormone fluctuation is bad enough, but being left with saggy breasts that look nothing like your pre-pregnancy breasts can be mentally and emotionally difficult, too. The weight gain and loss, coupled with the effects of breastfeeding, can leave a woman with sagging breasts that have lost volume. Often in these cases the breasts won’t return to their pre-baby state. Fortunately, a breast lift can bring back your firmer, higher breasts.

It’s time to look after yourself
If the changes in your breasts are affecting your confidence and making you feel older than your actual years, a breast lift can be a good option. It may seem somehow selfish after spending most waking hours thinking only about your baby, but doing something for yourself can be good for everyone. You deserve to be a confident person who is at peace with her appearance.

A breast lift can:

Is a breast lift right for me?
If you are considering a breast lift, you need to research both the procedure and potential surgeons. Your expectations need to be manageable — your breasts won’t magically become like those of a movie star or friend. Ask a lot of questions and look at before and after photos of every surgeon you research.

When trying to find a doctor for your breast lift, look for someone who:

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