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When Having Large Breasts Is a Problem

Women with large breasts are considered attractive and highly desirable for many onlookers. In fact, such perception is actually the driving force behind the soaring popularity of breast augmentation surgeries. However, here at our Las Vegas plastic surgery practice, not all women who have large breasts are actually unhappy and dissatisfied with their naturally endowed look. By and large, these women often seek Dr. Herte’s breast reduction services.

Common Problems Resulting From Overly Large Breasts
Issues that arise from having overly large breasts range from physical to social. By and large, they include the following:

– Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain due to the extra weight of the large breasts. In addition, the breasts themselves may be painful particularly during the menstrual cycle.
– Poor posture. In addition, the heat and moisture from using support garments in improving posture can lead to another set of problems such as rashes.
– Skin chafing due to bra straps digging into the skin. This is also referred to as shoulder rutting wherein deep grooves result due to the breasts’ weight pulling down the shoulder straps.
– Difficulties finding well-fitting clothes and undergarments.
– Embarrassment from being stared by at strangers

Beyond Cosmetic Reasons
Dr. Herte understands that the desire to have breast reduction surgery goes beyond the cosmetic. This procedure can be life changing– relieving breast, back and neck pain and the uncomfortable feelings of self-consciousness from constantly trying to camouflage your overly large breasts. You may be able to wear more fashionable clothing styles that you would never have considered before breast reduction surgery. And you may be able to participate in sports and other activities that were impossible to enjoy with large, cumbersome breasts.

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