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The Need to Shun the Sun After Plastic Surgery

Avoiding sun exposure as much as you possibly can is one of the most important post-surgery instructions that we always emphasize here at our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery practice. While the specifics of recovery instructions will vary from one patient to another, below is a bird’s eye view on the whys and hows of avoiding sun exposure following plastic surgery.

Why Avoid Sun Exposure After Plastic Surgery

Avoiding sun exposure after plastic surgery and all laser procedures, particularly when it comes to procedures that has to do with the face, is very important to facilitate faster healing. Moreover, exposing incisions that haven’t healed completely will increase your chances of wound healing and/or unfavorable scarring, making it longer than usual for the skin to return to its natural color. Ultimately, once you’re sunburned, there’s a huge chance that the scars will remain permanently discolored. As to facial procedures, there’s the risk of developing abnormal pigmentation when the treated areas are exposed to sunlight.

Quick Guide to Avoiding Sun Exposure Following Plastic Surgery

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