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Fall and Winter Are Ideal for Plastic Surgery

The decision to have a cosmetic surgery procedure shouldn’t be taken lightly. In addition to your own personal research and consultations with your surgeon, you should consider the time of year you’d like to have your procedure. At Dr. Herte’s, we think the fall and winter months are the ideal time to have your surgery.

Fall and winter makes recovery easier
Your recovery is an often-overlooked part of a cosmetic procedure, but it can be critical to achieve the results you seek. Each season has its pluses and minuses, but for procedures with longer recovery times — breast augmentations, facelifts, liposuction and tummy tucks — fall and winter are the best times.

Thanks to the layered dress of the colder months, you can easily conceal your body’s physical changes and surgical garments while you are actively healing. Plus, the inclement weather gives you the perfect excuse to stay indoors and take it easy. Then when the warmer weather of spring comes, you’ll be completely healed and ready to show off your new look.

Follow-up visits are easy to schedule
With the extra holidays from work in the fall and winter,your schedule may be more flexible for your follow-up appointments with Dr. Herte.

Experience a new you before the New Year
Since most people consider the fall and winter to be hibernating seasons, no one will think twice if you stay indoors. Then, come the New Year, not only will you have the fresh perspective that a changing calendar brings, you’ll have a new shape to go with it.

Schedule your consultation now!
Fall is in full swing and it’s the best time to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Herte. Call us at 702.732.9600 or by filling out this contact form today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to your visit!