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Start Your Flabulous to Fabulous Journey with an Arm Lift!

First-time patients at our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery practice are primarily concerned with flabby arms, abdomens, and thighs resulting from aging changes, pregnancy or massive weight loss after a successful diet and exercise regimen. The arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a commonly requested skin-tightening procedure for these patients.

The ideal arm lift candidate
Ideal candidates for an arm lift are people who are left with significant amounts of loose skin hanging under their arms. Patients should be in good physical health and within their ideal body weight for several months prior to surgery.

An arm lift may be complemented with liposuction
An arm lift procedure may also include liposuction when there is excess fat in the arm area. Although liposuction is not always necessary, it works well to refine and feather the upper arm for maximum results.

Your personalized arm lift plan
At our practice we believe every patient is unique in cosmetic goals and lifestyle preferences. We create a meticulously customized surgical plan that matches your goals with the appropriate surgical techniques.

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