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When a Mini Facelift Fits Your Needs

Everyone wants to have the least invasive procedures that accomplish their goals. The question involved is whether the least invasive option can do enough. In the case of a mini facelift, this is the question the patient needs to ask herself.

A mini facelift is one of our most requested rejuvenation procedures at Dr. Herte’s practice. It’s an excellent remedy for mild facial aging and skin laxity. It involves shorter incisions and less recovery time.

Benefits of a mini facelift

Because a mini facelift involves shorter incisions and seeks to address a smaller area of the face, the procedure takes less time and your recovery is faster. There is much less bruising and swelling than with a traditional facelift. Also, you may have a mini facelift without others even knowing you’ve had surgery, as the results aren’t as dramatic as in a full facelift.

A mini facelift with Dr. Herte tightens and lifts the skin on the cheeks and jawline. It also reduces the overhang at the nasolabial fold (fold running from nose to mouth).

A mini facelift can also deliver an update of sorts if a person has previously had a full facelift and needs a little tightening to maintain results as time passes.

Other considerations with a mini facelift

The mini facelift mainly addresses the cheek area so any tightening in the neck area is minimal. If your primary concern is neck laxity and loss of jawline definition, a mini facelift isn’t a great choice. In this case a traditional full facelift would probably better serve your needs, as the neck is one of the target areas.

Also, some patients, again trying to avoid more invasive procedures, opt to have more than one or two mini facelifts. This doesn’t work, as it can lead to an unnatural pulling across the mouth and skin bunching behind the ears or at the earlobe.

If deep tissue sagging needs correcting, a mini facelift isn’t the right procedure. Since it doesn’t address deep tissue repositioning, the results of a mini facelift when deep tissues are still sagging beneath will not last very long.

Are you interested in tightening the skin on your cheeks and the jawline? A mini facelift with Dr. Herte could be a good solution. Call us at 702-732-9600 to set up a consultation.