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Textured Implant Recall By Allergan

Hi All:

Just a few notes to update everyone on the textured implant recall instituted by Allergan this past week:

All unused Allergan Textured implants (Biocell saline filled or silicone gel filled) still “on the shelf”  have been recalled by Allergan as of July 24, 2019.

This is of course due to FDA concerns about the small risk of BIA-ALCL (rare lympoma) associated with textured implants (this has been in the press lately).

This recall is NOT a recommendation that all currently implanted Allergan textured implants be removed surgically (or replaced).

However, Allergan has generously instituted a program to provide new smooth implants to all of their patients who feel strongly that they need to have a replacement of their current textured Allergan implants due to worry about this issue.

This replacement program is limited to a 2 year window of opportunity, so if this applies to you or someone you know, you should begin seriously thinking about utilizing this benefit now.  Individual consultations, as always, are available to discuss your individual surgical options.

We are happy to be your resource for information on BIA-ALCL, Allergan and other textured implants and their issues, as well as the replacement warrantee program.

We are planning an Open Forum Night on Tuesday August 27, 2019 at 5:30 to discuss BIA-ALCL and Textured Implant Safety.  It will provide an ample question and answer opportunity.  If you have any concerns, we welcome your attendance and we would be happy to have you invite any concerned friends and relatives.

Additional information can be found in this New Beauty article.

Dr. H