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Turning Back the Clock with a Facelift

Our bodies age everywhere, but nowhere reminds us as much every morning as our faces. Decreasing collagen and volume loss combine with sun damage and skin that isn’t as supple as it once was to sag, crease, and create hollows that really make us look older.

And we see it every morning looking right back at us.

A facelift with Dr. Herte can turn the clock back. Her expertise with both surgical and non-surgical options can rejuvenate your face and make you look and feel a decade younger.

Repositioning is the key

Just as every face is unique, so is the degree of facial aging. Dr. Herte realizes this and adapts her methods to each individual patient’s needs. Your actual age is meaningless. What counts is how your face has aged. How is your skin’s elasticity? How are your deeper tissues holding up your skin?

The surgical repositioning of sagging deep tissues and the removal of excess skin has no equal in returning a younger look to your face. That’s why facelifts are the original cosmetic plastic surgery, and that’s why they are still very popular today.


Some people are hesitant to opt for a surgical facelift when they see poor results on celebrities. They worry that they won’t look like themselves after their surgery because they see that in a celebrity. Obviously, people only see the “bad” facelifts, never noticing the surgeries that keep someone looking young well past what their age would dictate.

The problem with many celebrities is that they overdo it. They become addicted to having work done and end up looking artificial. A facelift should be needed only once or twice in a patient’s life, not every few years like many celebrities do. You will continue to age, obviously, but a facelift will postpone or reverse many of the most noticeable signs of aging.

Dr. Herte customizes every facelift

The key is not to get locked into a particular facelift method or approach. Dr. Herte completely customizes every procedure depending on the patient’s unique situation. Many times, a facelift alone, in someone who has lost facial fullness, can create an over-pulled and tight look that looks artificial. Sometimes opting for a minimal procedure versus a full facelift simply pulls the skin rather than repositioning the underlying muscle and fat. Dr. Herte focuses on rejuvenating your underlying structures as much as possible because this delivers the most natural end result, all the while keeping your essential features.

If you want to turn back the clock on your aging face, call Dr. Herte at 702-732-9600 and schedule a consultation for a facelift.