Maintenance is defined as the support or upkeep of your property. Related words are preservation or protection. Your beauty and youth need to be protected and preserved.

It would be great if a single face lift after years of sun exposure, casual or in-attentive skin care and beauty regimens would turn back the clock and halt the aging process. Unfortunately, like my mother always warned me: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Aging is dynamic and continues on.

So many patients neglect themselves, waiting for an artificial number age to have their plastic surgery. Then, they want to be finished with the issue and not have to deal with any maintenance to protect that investment. A little maintenance can preserve or even enhance that result.

I had a brow lift over 20 years ago, and because of regular wrinkle relaxer treatments with Botox in the meantime, my brow lift has held up extremely well, and looks as good today as it did when I first had it done. Botox injections kept my facial expressions from tugging down on my brow and causing them to sag again.

When aging and sun damage cause sagging from the effects of gravity and the stretch of facial expressions, your face begins to look worn and tired. Maintaining the youthful quality of the skin with regular medical skin care and/or laser resurfacing (or wrinkle relaxer or collagen enhancing treatment…) can let you delay your first Plastic Surgery procedure a bit longer, and also help the fresh look of your facelift last a lot longer.

We all accept that maintenance is a fact of life in the care of our teeth. Dentists say take care of them or lose them. Any woman will agree that hair requires regular conditioning, trimming, styling and even color. It is a rare woman who is as cavalier about her hair as many would like to be about their skin and beauty routines.

It is essential to take care of your skin and face as early as possible, with regular, even small interventions, so that you can stay fresh and youthful looking so much longer. And then when it is time to consider Plastic Surgery procedures, you will need less and your results will be much more long lasting!

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Dr. Mary C. Herte is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is Medical Director of the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery.