Your Sagging Brow is Giving You a Bad Rep

Beautiful woman with pink lily isolated on white[/caption]Gravity doesn’t take no for an answer. It doesn’t take a trip to Provence. It’s always there pulling down the skin, underlying muscle, and tissue on your forehead. Facial expressions such as frowning and squinting do not help either. Before you know it you have creases between your eyebrows and your brows have […]

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Tired of Being Asked if You’re Tired? A Brow Lift Can Fix That.

It stinks getting old. Just ask your brows. Gravity, aging, and sun damage can make the skin on your brows sag and droop. This, of course, can make you look perpetually tired, and open you up to those questions about how much sleep you got last night, or even worse, questions if you’re angry. But you can regain your younger […]

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Maintenance is defined as the support or upkeep of your property. Related words are preservation or protection. Your beauty and youth need to be protected and preserved. It would be great if a single face lift after years of sun exposure, casual or in-attentive skin care and beauty regimens would turn back the clock and halt the aging process. Unfortunately, […]

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